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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  January 29, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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pick up campaign contribution check. the judge had very strong words for john leopold. he said that it was an egregious failure on leopold's part and he should have known better. you can't take part in political activity during the working hours. it's clearly inappropriate and called it wrongful and illegal. the judge said that the command staff of the police department failed. there was a lot of testimony that everything he asked the detension detail to do went up the chief of command. that the chief of police knew about of course. the fact that they didn't step in and stop it was wrong and as for count three in this indictment, it was for misfees an in office and misconduct in office. the allegations included what you may have heard was that the
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executive protection detail was taking leopold to trysts with a county employee in the parking lot in the bowling alley in annapolis. the injuries that was not misconduct in office but what he found was egregious and misconduct in office was the fact that john leopold ordered and required his staff to empty -- empty his catheter bag after the back surgery, and the judge had strong words for him on that count. and called that behavior predatory and cruel and said it was abusive and outrageeous contract and john leopold had no license to misuse employee like that. count 5 was a not guilty indictment, and that had to do with misappropriating funding by a fidish area and because he was -- fiduciariy. that was the only one that carries a penalty up to five years in prison and the other
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two counts are, what is called common law crimes and so it's up to the judge to decide on the penalty in this case. just a few moments ago, the judge dismissed each side and said they would get together and we have been in touch with one member in anna, runel county and we were told that they would be putting out a statement and likely be asking for his removal from office. >> no date from sentenceing. any reaction from leopold or his attorney at this point? >> we're waiting for them to come up and we're going to see if we can catch the reaction, will. >> thank you for the update. shawn? >> and. in culpeper, virginia. a jury found a former police officer guilty of voluntary manslaughter for the shooting death of an unarmed woman. she was facing a murder charge. fox 5s john henrehan is leave outside of the courthouse now
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with the late-breaking details. john. >> reporter: this officer was facing more serious consequences and he was charged with first-degree murder or second-degree murder or voluntary manslaughter. the jury chose to come back with voluntary manslaughter. danielle harmon wright was a police officer here for five years. the jury found him guilty of unlawfully shooting into an occupied vehicle and into an occupied vehicle causing a death. they found him not guilty of a single firearms have launch and took place in the parking lot of a catholic school where a female motorist unarmed was essentially suspicious and shy pulled away. the officer fired a total of seven times. five bullets struck the 54-year- old patricia cook as she was pull away from the officer. the prosecutor told reporters it was an injustified shooting
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and thought so from the beginning. he was not disappointed with the voluntary manslaughter finding because he thought the self-defense verdict, he was concerned the jury might find it that way and they did not. he was happy to get a conviction on voluntary manslaughter and when you add all of the counts together, the former policeman is facing up to 25 years in prison and the same jury will begin the penalty phase of the trial tomorrow afternoon. the prosecutor told me he's probably not going to ask for a specific sentence, although he said he will urge the jury to level some kind of substantial penalty against the former policeman, who has been fired from the town of culpeper. again, the policeman daniel harmon wright, the former police officer, found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and other counts. he's facing up to 25 years in virginia prisons. the jury will set that sentence
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tomorrow. >> thank you, john, and cool have much more at 6. the other big story, president obama delivered his plan for immigration reform unveiling the plan for dealing with the 11 million illegal immigrants in the u.s. and creating their path to citizenship. tom fitzgerald is in the newsroom. the president's plan closely mirrors the same proposal the des and republicans put out yesterday. >> reporter: you're rate about that -- right about, that shawn. there were whole secs of the president's speech that sounded identical to what we heard from a group of republican senators, that is they spoke at the captioning provided by a grant -- capital yesterday. the president travelled to las vegas, nevada, declaring it's long past time for america to fi and that it's a fact 11 million undocumented illegals are here and breaking united states laws. he said the united states needs to deal realistically with a population and a workforce and he citizen operating inhe
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shadows of society for far too log. the president's plan would set up a way for illegal immigrants to obtain citizenship and also cracks down, he said, on businesses that hire illegals and tightens u.s. border security. >> we have to deal with the 11 million individuals who are here illegally. we all agree that these men and women should have to earn their way to citizenship. but for comprehensive immigration reform to work, it must be clear from the outset that there is a pathway to citizenship. >> reporter: the separate white house and senate proposals focus on roughly the same principles. they provide a way for the estimated 11 million people already in the country illegally to become citizens one day. centerren the border security and cracks down on the employers who hire illegal immigrants and streamlines the legal immigration system. of course, shawn, all of this
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is going to wind up on capitol hill and going to be the subject of an intense debate the next few mos. >> all right, tom. -- months. >> all right, thank you. also new at 5, senator john curry is confirmed as the next -- john kerry is confirmed as the next secretary of state. they gave him their unanimous approval. kerry, who served on the committee for nearly 30 years, the last four, by the way, as chairman, thanked the committee and reminded them of the important work to come. >> this committee is critical. absolutely critical to america's best step forward and helping us to hopefully make peace in places where it isn't and to advance our principles. what a privilege. >> kerry, of course, replaces hillary clinton, whose last day on the job is friday. >> and transportation secretary ray lahood announced he will be leaving his post and his record includes steps to curb
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distracted driving, promoting high-speed rail projects and improving roads and bridges. he will remain on the job until his successor is confirmed. democrats in virginia outlined their plan to 53 for transportation projects across the state and that includes keeping the gas tax and that gas gas stations would pay to distributors. the republican governor reacted to the plan today on wtop radio. let's listen. >> i think they have a significant tax increase and gas indexing and so forth. is that is why i tried to address it by replacing it with a sales tax and that is more. it's general fund and a fee and revenues. it's 845 mimes and that is -- 845 million dollars. we get money for railfo dulles, improve mes on 238 and 266 and 234, the paving and -- this will help northern virginia. >> and the house finance
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committee is to vote tomorrow and the senate on thursday. >> the get ready for traffic jams in fairfax county. two separate water main breaks are causing problems. the one commuters should be most concerned about is on richmond highway and shields avenue and north kings highway and only one northbound lane is open and this is likely to be a mess through rush hour. the crews are working on a water main break on virginia 236 at willow run drive. one lane is open there. the speed limit could be going up on the unter county connector in maryland. lawmakers are considering raising it to 60 or 70 miles per hour and two bills are scheduled to be debated next month. the current speed limit is 55 miles an hour and man drivers complain the icc is too slow, the fee is too high. a crash sent people to the hospital. and five children were hurt. two of the victims were in
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serious conditions and areb picked to survive. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. well, you heard of a heart tranplant or a lifer transplant. here at johns hopkins, they have helped a wounded -- oned warrior by giving him a double arm transplant. and his inspiring story is coming up. a nat -- . >> a nats pitcher defends his name after a report links him and several others to performance-enhancing drugs. >> and it's not the attention the ravens wanted to media day. the super bowl spotlight shifted to linebacker ray lewis. gary. >> and thanks, shape. surprise, surprise. how about the 70s today and not everybody got that warm, though. we'll show you an interesting temperature profile. a first look at the weather is coming up. stay with us. fox 5 news at 5 continues. 
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the young man you're about to meet is a picture of determination. that, according to the doctors, makes him the perfect patient. six weeks ago, the wounded warrior was a recipient of a unique medical procedure. doctors let really gave him arms. fox 5s beth parker has the story. >> reporter: brendan morocco lost all four limbs in a explosion in iraq. the doctors in this room helped give two of the limbs back. >> i hated not having arms. i was all right with not having legs. >> reporter: six weeks ago, he had a double arm transplant at johns hopkins.
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>> only six other patients had undergone successful double hand transplants in the u.s. >> i can rotate a little bit. >> reporter: 16 doctors and a host of others help to connect the blood selfs -- blood vessels, nerves and skin. he will remember the first time he moved his new arm. >> i was sitting there with friends and did it by accident. one of my friends was like freaking out. he was like did you do that on purpose? i didn't know i was doing it. >> reporter: his house on staten island is being cleaned up from the floods of hurricane sandy, but his dodge charger is still waiting for him. >> i used to love to drive. >> reporter: his proud mom looks forward to his homecoming. >> just surviving and moving forward. he shows the world can you do anything. >> reporter: brendan is leaving john's hopkins and has a lot of recovering to do. the nerves in his arms will regenerate about one inch per month and it will be two or three years until he reaches
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his maximum mobility. >> and i suspect he will be using his hands for anything as soon as we let him start do more and more. >> and i want to get the most out of these arms and as goals come you, knock them down and just -- take it as far as i can. >> along the way, he'll be thinking of the family of the anonymous donor. >> i am humbled by their gift. and they, they're certainly champing my life and thank you. >> reporter: he has a message for other wounded warrior. >> to not give up hope, you know, life gives up better and to be stubborn, there are a lot of people who will say you can't do something. just be stubborn and do it anyway. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. >> and we're wishing you well. here's some more interesting facts. the surgery lasted 13 hours and the doctors rehearsed that procedure four times. brendan said once where's well enough, if he could shake hands
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with anyone, he would like to shake hands with blake shelton. police in fairfax county say they know who has been skimming atm cards at bank machines and hospitals. they arrested the guy with the help of sorry vail video saying he had skimmer equipment and used stolen credit cards at nearby stores. he faces several charges and could face more, but police say he may not have been the only one involved. so, investigators are looking for other suspects. washington nationals pitcher geo gonzalez is one of several players denying allegations they brought performance-enhancing drugs. antny bosch said gonzalez bought the drugs for soccasions. gonzalez took to twitter to defend himself and said i have never used performance- enhancing-drugs of any kind and never will. i never met or used anything fromtony bosch. yankee star alex rodriguez and nelson cruz deny similar
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allegations. the tuesday before the super bowl is the circus known as media day. players are often peppered with questions that have nothing to do with the gape. all of the entertainment shows descend there and they're interested in the players and teams. today, a high-profile raven was thrust into the spotlight and it was not all fun and games. lindsay murphy is here with that story. >> reporter: hey, will. ray lewis is a headline maker, but lately he's been front-page news as the ravens get ready to contend for the super bowl and what is his final season in the nfl. instead of the last hurrah, he's being questioned about using banned substances. swarms of media raided the super dome in new orleans and no one garnering more 10 than ray lewis. and today, information from a "sports illustrated" article came out accusing him of using
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nfl banned products. and deer antler spray was among the treatments, containing the substance on the nfl's banned list. in a meeting with team officials, he denied using the substances and never failed a drug test. when asked by the media, this is what lewis had to say. >> that was a two-year-old story and you want me to fresh. i wouldn't give him the credit to mention his name or his antics in my speeches or my moment. i can't do it, so i won't speak about it. i have been in this business 17 years and nobody ever got up with me every morning and trained with me. ef test i have ever taken in the nfl is -- there has never been a question of if i even thought about using anything. and to even entertain stupid like that, tell him to target the story on someone else. >> and where's passionate about being clean. he is still playing at a high
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level and will? >> not putting up with it and let me ask you about the circus. you have the entertainment crews showing up and that is where the front ensues, right? >> and they ask football- related questions. fans can pay $25 to come into the stadium. people will dress up and someone like a referee, and someone like an ole caveman and people do crazy things. i know one time, tom brady was proposed to and lots of crazy stuff on media day. >> a circus, indeed. thank you, lindsay murphy. everyone is talking about how warm it is. >> and can you dress like a caveman on this day. >> and that is for mother nature. you said something i didn't hear. >> and i said lindsay was
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talking about caveman costumes. >> and i guess could. if you wanted to do that and some shorts for some people and the most interesting this, not a roar, though. the record high was 76 and dulles was 70 degrees and bwi marshal 66 and at least for dulles and bwi, starting off in the 30s and look at temperatures. 59 degrees for national right now and last hour, we were 69 degrees and look at annapolis. their temperature is 48 degrees. the winds blowing from the southeast there and that is cooler next to the water and have clouds and fog in place. fredericksburg, 71 degrees and some clouds are moving overhead
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and that is looks like we'll have mostly clouds tomorrow and another mild day and it's coal again and we may have this thunderstorms and let the roller coaster begin, shawn and that is what is happening on the seven-day forecast. >> i'm buckling up. >> okay. >> thanks, gary. as the 5 continues, a car covered in seafoam nearly plows into the police officers who didn't see it coming. look at that.  [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome.
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it's a froth experience for beachgoers in australia. seafoam is blanketing a stretch of the town in new south wales. it's a parting gift from a thunderstorm that pounded the coast with tornados, toraren'tual rains and massive -- torrential rains and massive flooding. many residents decided to enjoy it after a week of brutal weather but not everyone is amused. >> it's really weird and like -- . >> our beaches are ruined.
5:25 pm
>> and that will wash away. >> and look at that. all right, seafoam is spilling over on to the roads and creating dangerous driving conditions. watch as the car comes out of the foam and nearly hits two police officers. someone was taking cell phone video of a bus when they saw what appeared to be a wave and turned out to be the car you saw and everyone is worrying how did the driver make it through? >> and the windshield wiper is not going to cut it. >> yeah. >> and that is messy, worse than the foam we saw at the beach here. >> and that is a section of the board walk and this is a mess there. d.c. is sitting on a $400 million surplus. will the extra cash lead to taxes? what does the mayor have to say. >> and a man takes a loaded gun into a virginia grocery store. why it's sparking a second amendment debay. >> and the last-minute re--
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we recently learned the district had a budget surplus of $400 million the mayor announced that d.c. has a total of $1.5 billion in the bang and wants to keep it in savings. not everyone is happy with that and matt ackland has more. >> reporter: happy days are here when it comes to the district coiffures. the mayor announced a $412 million surplus for 2012. and is it time to lower taxes? not yet. >> reporter: 1.5 billion in the bank, 55 contribution cranes building projects and 1100 new residents moving to the district each month. >> i like them coming to the
5:30 pm
city. they pay a lot of taxes. the city is in great demand. once on the hill, i say this is a hip city. >> reporter: it might be hip but is not cheap to live here. many consider taxes too high. and think with the huge surplus announced tuesday, maybe it's time to adjust the tax rate. >> and i say that will be a great idea. >> am sure the city needs some as l. the tax payer needs it if they can get it to them. >> reporter: mayor gray shot down the idea. >> i'm not in a position where i think we should be reducing taxes. >> reporter: the extra money was raised through speed camera fines, corporate taxes, and $50 million generated in a state tax when one very wealthy resident died. but the mayor decided not to spend all the money. he wants to bank it instead. >> i have to say i was incredibly disappointed. >> reporter: with the washington legal clinic for the homeless, said the extra revenue is desperately needed now. >> the past spring and summer,
5:31 pm
we had dozens of children literally sleeping on the streets because we don't have a right to shelter year round for families. >> reporter: hope is not lost for social services in need of more cash. so far this we're, the -- this year, the tax revenue is higher than expected, putting d.c. in an even better spot. and so the mayor would not rule out looking at lowering taxes in the future, but when i asked him what would it take, how much would the city have to have if the bank? he would not be specific, shawn. >> thank you. >> uh-huh. and a news alert in the death of an arlington man last fall. the 87-year-old matt wood died in october. the family member found the body in the house on north wakefield street. his 47-year-old son matt jr. is in custody and charged with first-degree murder. he was found by the u.s. marshal service in tampa. two other adult men, john by air and sane yen'monds of
5:32 pm
henreico were charged with first degree murder and they're being held without bond. to a murder investigation in landover. the police now know the victim from monday's deadly shooting. the 48-year-old keith masserton was found dead in an industrial building on raineswood drive. no named suspects in the case so far and police are looking for his 2004 black audi a-6 with maryland tags 01524ce. and detectives believe someone stole his car after he was killed. d.c. police looking for three people connected to a night club shooting over the weekend. five people were shot in the club and, as a result, the club was shut down temporarily. take a look. these are two of the persons of interest in the case and we're told that one was not wearing a shirt and the other had a skull cap pinned up. and police in charlottesville a say -- say a man who bought a loaded semi
5:33 pm
automatic rifle into a kroger store didn't break the law. just walked in with it. boy, did he get people a scare. the 22-year-old legally owns the ar-15 rifle like this one that he brought into the grocery store, and he didn't conceal it. the permits are required to carry concealed firearms in virginia with no restrictions on the type of guns can you cobb seal if you have that permit. he did and police say he was demonstrating his second amendment rights and let's bring in the charlottesville lieutenant. good to you have here. >> good evening, will. >> so, i understand, as we have just reported, that he didn't break the law. boy, he can have caused big problems because i imagine the police department support folks like, you know, your tactical units armed and ready to go against this guy. >> well, we sent a number of officers to the scene of the call that was on route 29 in charlesville at one of the
5:34 pm
grocery stores and, everybody, it was a tactical response and required a display of the weapons and to the individual who came out with the ak-40, and the ar-15 that he had. >> i imagine customers in the store and employees were panicked. i understand the 911 dispatch center lit up. >> and the call center lit up here in charlottes i have. when it occurred, of course, a number of the patrons there were coming in and noticed that he did have a firearm and stepped outside to call and we were getting it from the inside of the store also and there were a number of calls coming through. >> i want to touch upon a couple of quick things. he didn't break the law, had the permit and bought the gun legally. he was trying to make a point. i understand he found something in his pocket, a note, right? >> yes, we took him into the investigator's detention, there in the parking lot, it was at that point in time in the immediate search that we
5:35 pm
noticed it was a note in his pocket that indicated that he was exercising his first and second amendment right while he was there. >> one of the concerns is what could have happened, right? you could have had officers believing he was a threat? gun fire occurred. you had people all around. >> it was a threat to, you know, to -- and in any case, whether it was a security guard that was inside the store, an offduty officer that may have seen him as he came through the store and, of course, the officers responded. they're driving their automobiles, going to the call, a priority call, and of course, the other level is well is having to pull the weapons and the other factor, it could have been a case that could have gone in the wrong direction and, luckily, it ended in, i guess you would say, safe environment and up fortunately, the shoppers that were there, the mothers and their children that were there shopping in the evening. >> sure. >> and the other, the
5:36 pm
employees, it was pretty much a very -- . >> in other words, and i think you were being clear, kind of a dumb move, even if his integs were good to uphold the first and sec amendments. thank you for weighing in and laying this out for us. we appreciate it. >> yes, sir. coming up, why the cdc said it's -- its warning people about leavy green vegetables. >> and the twitching could be one step closer to -- twinkie could be one step closer to making a comeback. [ female announcer ] ] pillsby crescents are awesome.
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we've always been told to eat our veggies. an alarming new study fines that leavy greens could be making us sick. the leavy green vegetables are the leading source of food
5:40 pm
poisoning illnesses. although contaminated chicken and poultry are the leading cause of deaths, leafy greens carry germs that can make us ill. the twinkie appears to be a step closer to the comeback the bid would is the floor for process and the judge would have to approve any sale. >> a lot of people excited that twinkies might be coming back. >> and i heard when the announcement happened, you could not buy a twinkie, they flew off of the shelves. >> hard to fine. >> the comeback is much anticipated. coming up, a d.c. student designed this t-shirt and it will be on sale in stores nationwide. she joins us to talk about the message and the organization that made it possible. >> plus, after a rough start, the wizards are starting to turn things around. we sit down with the rookie who is hitting its stride.
5:41 pm
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. an exciting day for more than 100 students at chesapeake math and. t. academy in prince georges county. nearly 150 eighth grade students got new ipads to use in the classroom. the teachers hope the new gadgets will expand their learning experience with technology. >> living in a technological age that is champing at warp speed and it -- changing at warp speed and it's going to be comfortable using technology, something you will see more and more of. >> the kids are happy campers. the free ipads were made possible through a grant. shawn. and we'll take a look. the drug prevention t-shirt was made possible thanks to the mentor foundation and l&m clothing store. a student in the district
5:45 pm
designed the t-shirt and soon it will be on sale nationwide. the program director of the foundation and a student in the mentor program and the t- shirt's designer john us today. thank you very much for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> and let me start with you for our viewers not familiar with the mentor foundation. explain what you do and what is your connection? >> absolutely. the metro foundation usa, they worked to increase opportunities and reduce the risk factors and that is how we address that. >> uh. >> we do that by engaging students -- students, parents, schools and at an entire community and we engage the business community. one of the great partnerships in prevention is h&m. h&m is a global fashion retailer, and they have been working with us the past three years for our drug-free t- shirts slogan contest. >> before we get to the t- shirts, let me ask you how the mentor foundation impacted your
5:46 pm
life. >> it helped me to understand the purpose of staying drug- freebie giving opportunities to be on fox 5 today. [ laughter ] ja . >> let's get to the t-shirts. they held a design contest and students made the final cut and betsy was the winner here. we're looking at one of the t- shirts she designed. why did you go with her design? >> one of the things that metro foundation usa does is to empower youths to use their voice. this wonderful slogan betsy came up with was chosen by h&m and metro foundation usa. we wanted to make sure the young people know that with drugs, they're not going to be successful. staying drug-free is going to work in their favor. >> and the t-shirt. it says drug free works for me. betsy, let me ask you. what inspired your slogan? >> it was my inspiring a and
5:47 pm
helps me focus on my studies and activities at night. >> we should say, you go to south high school? >> yes. >> the 11th grade? >> yeah. >> give a shoutout to all of your friends out there. >> hey, go panthers. >> and what message would you like to share with the youth? >> why is it important? >> it's important to stay drug free. drugs are -- to fulfill the dream. >> all right. >> and having a bright future. >> thank you so much. you have a bright future. when do the t-shirts go on sale and how much do they cost? >> they will go on sale in the next few days and tomorrow is the, haven't, the embassy of sweden, and we'll honor them and they'll be sold in stores here in the d.c., maryland, virginia area with 25% going back. >> that is awesome. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> reporter: wish you all the best. to get more information, the
5:48 pm
website is mentor >> thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> and how's the weather? >> they're saying i'm jealous, she got to say i had to us on tv. they probably jealous because they didn't go outside, right? >> and working indoors was not the place to be. >> true, true. >> and that is one more day. and today, i always say it was a bit of a shock even to me because we did not expect temperatures to 79. one degrees, right? and who cares. at least today, the temperatures are the story and we down to pan now. the i-81 corridor has been fantastic with the temperatures in the upper 60s is to 70 and
5:49 pm
fredericksburg in the lower 70s and you were stuck with crowds. the wins coming off of the bay and that kept you in the 40s and new york city, 43 and mild temperatures to the south and 64 for cincinnati and 60 right now and they were 60 or more for a high in chicago and into st. louis, 57 and jump the line and the cold front and they colder into the central plains in the 30s and there is a front there. it will probably be as mild as today and this is coming up on southerly and southwesterly winds and this is the front, though. behind the front is going to be much, much colder and one more day with the temperatures in the 50s to the north of us and
5:50 pm
some and along this front, as it approaches late tomorrow and into the evening and this is the line of thunderstorms and from michigan and the u.p. and we measured this earlier. it was more than 1,000 miles long and it's severe, too and we have what is call a moderate risk of severe weather and they're moderately worried here tonight and into the midwest. up into the ohio river valley and eventually into the deep south and into the tennessee valley and a possibility of tornados maybe later on and that is coming through st. louis and we're going to have a threat of thunderstorms as well and tonight, a few foggy spots and that is not too bad.
5:51 pm
the spotty showers tomorrow morning and some limited sunshine at noon and some showers and thunderstorms and in d.c., the wind is being the primary threat from those storms and once the showers move in, we can have some pockets of heavy rain and gusty wind tomorrow evening. and we'll keep an eye on that and 68 tomorrow and with that 46 on thursday and maybe some snow on friday early and know there of degrees there and on to saturday is ground hog day. >> this is making people sick. >> and that is everyone else who is sick, too. >> and open the windows. let the nice air come in and clear out the house of germs.
5:52 pm
and they begin with a franchise record 12 straight housees and one rookie who fought through the growing pains is a big reason for the success and murph is back. >> reporter: that is a lot to ask of a 19-year-old playing in the first nba season and he was patient and up to the task and is paying off. >> the basket and scores? >> and to the left side of the lane. >> reporter: for the 19-year- old, that is about getting experience and played one season at florida before drafting him number three leave all last some jeer and. >> reporter: he upped the game, earning eight pines in october and nearly doubled that. >> and you're going to make a
5:53 pm
lot of mistakes and i have been able to adjust to them and i am playing well. the skies to the limit and there is some work to do. >> and this is expected and being 19 into this league. he found his way and pretty quick, though. >> bradley beal; >> reporter: he had a share of ups and downs. a game-winning shot to beat the oklahoma city thunder this month and for beale, the suck is expected. >> and yes, i know my potential and mentality won't let me. i would say no because i am a young guy and some people where's not going to get better
5:54 pm
or whatever like that and i am fortunate. >> and his success is thanks in part to -- and in 2010. >> and john's eyes were open his first year and i, i see them talking a lot and i think he shared a lot of the things that he's going through, the ups and downs and -- >> he is a big brother for me and he's just the bond that we had. >> and he is trying to play through the pain and may take time to give it arrest. and. we're following the late of developments. the verdicts handed down today and you will hear from the defense and prosecution and bp sentenced to pay off after the
5:55 pm
massive gulf oil spill. and police coverup. there could be some answers in the pershing park protest. we'll tell you who is expected to testify the next round of hearings for the 2002 arrest. see you at 6. there is no mass produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dual-air technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. queen mattresses start at just $699. and save $500 on our special edition bed set. now at the sleep number white sale.
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execution of a texas woman convicted of killing her neighbor has been postponed. kimberly mccarthy of supposed to be put to death for the heap 97 murder and it's -- 1997 murder and it's reschedule for april third. the jury was improperly selected because of race. the attorneys for a woman accused of shoving a man in front of a moving subway train is not fit to stand trail. -- trial. she is charged with murder as a hate crime and shy pushed an indian man in front of a train and they say he thought he was
5:59 pm
muslim. and she travelled alone because a friend cancelled at the last minute. and thank you for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. right up the top, a news alert out of culpeper, virginia. a former county police officer has been found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and where's facing a murder charge until now. john henrehan has more. >> reporter: during the trial, by the way, as the jury started rendering the verdict, he covered his face as he got semi


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